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Volume 69, No. 10, November 30, 2018
Meeting Digest 11–21-18
The meeting was cancelled at the last minute because the IASC was going to be closed.
MEC Thanksgiving
41st Annual Thanksgiving Luncheon at Mission Education Center to be rescheduled.
Starting at 10:00 AM
1670 Noe St. @ 30th St.
Due to the smoke from the Camp Fire, the event was called off as the school was to be closed.
When the event is rescheduled, Lion Bob Lawhon needs a few Lions to help with the event. Plan on being there between 9:30 and 10:00 AM; the event will run until about 1:30 PM.
MEC Christmas with Los Bombaros
Lion Bob Lawhon has reached out to Los Bombaros group for their help with the MEC Christmas event. Details to follow as available.
Guest Speaker
We have guest speakers in reserve. They are Lion Maryah Tucker and PDG Lion Don Stanaway speaking on the Lions Eye Foundation. Be there when they make it in!
Youth & Community Raffle
Youth & Community Raffle Logo
Group Sales: perking along; Friends & Family: as of 11/30, 392 books have been purchased by 40+ individuals; Member sales: to begin soon.
Lion Peter Carey of the San Bruno took time to send in a request for tickets from our website. He’ll be taken care of shortly.
Football Fundraiser
San Francisco 49ers Logo
Winners since the last publication:
Game 11: James Kleinbach, Marie Reinertson, Christine Fecchi, Lion Joe Farrah, and Roxanne & Lion Al Gentile.
We had a nice write up in the November issue of the Ingleside-Excelsior Light on page 5. It contains some good info provided by Lion George Salet, as well as info from our website. Two photos are featured from our April 2018 Youth & Community Raffle drawing.
Birthdays and Anniversaries
12/6 Happy Birthday to Lion Eddie Marchese!
12/7 Happy Birthday to Lion Steve Martin!
12/13 Happy Birthday to Lion Ernie Brahn!
12/18 Happy Anniversary to Lions Zenaida & Bob Lawhon!
Crab Feed
It’s getting close to the launch of our 34th Annual Crab Feed. Tickets should be out at the first meeting in January, on the 2nd, and will be available from the Treasurer. Start thinking about how you can contribute to the event.
Front of the Lions Crab Feed Teeshirt
Front of the Lions Crab Feed Teeshirt
Shown above is the design for this year’s teeshirt, which was first introduced back in August. Only one comment was received on the proposed design. They should be priced the same as last year. Hopefully, we’ll get more than two sponsors, which is all we had last year. $225.00 gets you the ad, plus a teeshirt. Let your business associates know and help them spread the word about their business.
From the Inbox
11/9/18 from Lions International about the 41st Annual Lions Day with the United Nations on Saturday, March 9, 2019. If interested, you can register here online.
11/10/18 from Lions International about the new Resource Center. There is a 30 second YouTube video titled Get to know our all-new Resource Center and you can visit The Resource Center.
11/23/18 Lion Hernaldo Martinez sent us a quick note to thank us for the hospitality we showed him while here. He attended a couple of our meetings. He notes that, hopefully, he will be back next year and visit us again. He offers that if we are ever in Panama, that we should get in touch with him.
11/29/18 from Lions International about The Service Journey. “The Service Journey is an approach to living and serving well. To making a real difference people can see and feel. It encompasses four simple phases: Learn, Discover, Act, and Celebrate. We love these words because they transcend organizational formulas. They have no borders. They are the essence of Lions and Leos.”
Attendance Raffle & Mystery Lion
No meeting, no winner or victims.
Coming Events
12/5 Lions Business and Board Meeting
12/19 Lions Regular Meeting
12/25 Merry Christmas!
12/31 Happy New Year!
1/2 Lions Business and Board Meeting
1/16 Student Speaker Contest
A ton of events around the District are shown in the District 4-C4 Weekly Thread email which is forwarded to all members that want it, and linked under Upcoming Events on the District website. If you don’t have an email address, get one.
Print version of this bulletin is available here and is not designed for mobile devices.
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