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Volume 69, No. 17, March 14, 2019
Before the Meeting Meeting
Those Past Presidents who were present met before the regular meeting to formulate a slate of officers for the coming year. The results are:
President: Lion George Salet (volunteerd)
Vice President: Lion Steve Martin
Secretary: Lion Joe Farrah
Treasurer: Lion Lyle Workman
Lion Tamer: Lion Ward Donnelly
Lion Tail Twister: Lion Bob Fenech
Director: Lion Sharon Eberhardt
Director: Lion Zenaida Lawhon
Membership Director: Lion Bill Graziano
Nominations will be open and the slate elected soon.
Meeting Digest 3-6-19
The meeting was called to order by Lion President George Salet. The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Lion Bill Graziano and invocation was offered by Lion Sharon Eberhardt. Introductions were handled by Lion Tail Twister Bob Fenech, who had no pin or badge. A total of 7 Lions attended along with 3 guests.
Guest Speaker
Our guest speaker, Lion Dr. Jun Valera, accompanied by his wife Lion Luisa and PDG Lion Ester Lee, was visiting to campaign for 2nd Vice District Governor. He passed out brochures showing his motto “Fostering A More Involved Lion in You” (FAMILY) with 4 panels detailing his awards, accomplishment, offices held, his membership, leadership qualifications, and service to Lionism. He emphased his accomplishments in Membership, Leadership, and Service, and during his comments said one of his goals was to reinvigorate the district’s clubs. He is running against Lion Kevin Guess who will be heard from soon.
The correspondence announced were campaign materials from candidates for 2nd Vice District Governor, Lion Dr. Jun Velara and Lion Kevin Guess.
Student Speaker Contest
Our contestant in the Student Speaker Contest did not, or could not, show for the Zone Contest. Reasons may become clear in the near future, but our thanks go to Lion Paul Corvi for his efforts in running the Club contest. Until next year.
From the Inbox
If any Lion, or other person, wants to see the emails this info came from, email me and let me know what you’re interested in. They’ll be available for a short time.
From Lions International: Former P.M. of England, Tony Blair will be speaking at the upcoming LCICon 2019 in July in Milan, Italy.
From Lions International: A reminder about helping to fight diabetes. Adults living with the disease is estimated to reach 629 million by 2045. More at the LCI website.
From LCIF: A letter from the chairman, along with articles about Lions receiving grants, and the types available, from LCIF Grants.
From the Web
From a far corner of the Web: From a service named Pocket. An article titled “15 of the Best Time Management and Productivity Books of All Time” looks promising.
Crab Feed
Funny Crab Feed Logo
Without going into super detail, the final number we made on the Crab Feed is $4,101.74. Lion Bob Fenech and crew have done another fabulous job!
There was a brief discussion about weather we’ll have a crab feed next year. Lion Bob Fenech talked about running it, and possible changes, but no firm conclusion was reached.
Youth & Community Raffle
Youth & Community Raffle Logo
Friends & Family sales: Letters went out last October - the latest reply came in yesterday, March 13th, from Linnie Faina who grabbed two books. Thanks Linnie!
Member sales: There are still a couple more members that may purchase ticket books. Let’s hear from you.
Group sales: The last group has contacted us to pick up books - Lion Bill Graziano has, or will, pick them up soon. Now we have to put together all the numbers.
Board Meeting
The Board Meeting was called to action:
  • Minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved.
  • Attendance for February: 59%.
  • Treasurer’s report was approved as emailed.
  • Discussion of the Student Speaker contestant that did not show.
  • Screened and approved were $100 to Canine Companions for Independence, $100 for District 4-C4 Rise to Hunger campaign, and sponsorship of three representatives to the upcoming Police, Fire, and Sheriffs Dinner.
Attendance Raffle & Mystery Lion
Attendance Raffle was not held. The Mystery Lion was called upon, but everyone was not sure who that was supposed to be. President Lion George Salet will appoint a new Mystery Lion.
Birthdays and Anniversaries
3/22 Happy Birthday to Lion Paul Corvi!
Coming Events
3/20 Regular Lions Meeting
3/23 - 25 MD-4 Leadership Institute, Rancho Cucamonga
4/6 District 4-C4 Eyeglass Collection
4/17 Y & C Drawing Meeting
5/1 - 5 District 4-C4 Convention, Redding
A ton of events around the District are shown in the District 4-C4 Weekly Thread email which is forwarded to all members that want it, and linked under Upcoming Events on the District website. If you don’t have an email address, get one.
Print version of this bulletin is available here and is not designed for mobile devices.
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