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Volume 70, No. 2, July 24, 2019
Meeting Digest 7-17-19
The meeting was called to order by Lion President George Salet. The pledge was led by Lion Lyle Workman and invocation offered by Lion Steve Martin. Introductions were handled by stand-in Lion Tail Twister Bob Lawhon. 7 Lions were present.
Being a new year, not much was going on. Topics of conversation during the regular meeting were:
  • Flag poles and things missing from them.
  • People dumping items in neighborhoods and the City’s efforts to pick them up.
  • 311 phone service,, and knowing your neighbors.
  • Restaurants and their cleanliness; horror stories from Lion George Salet about them.
Thank you notes, for our recent donations, were received from the Lions Eye Foundation and Lions Project for Canine Companions, who also sent their most recent newsletter.
An email was received by Lion Sharon Eberhardt from Community Living Campaign who are interested in partnering with the Lions to bring vision resources to their senior community. Unsure where this will go from here.
4-C4 Cabinet Installation
Our own Lion Sharon Eberhardt has, once again, received the nod to be a Zone Chairman. For now, seems she’ll be assigned to clubs in the south bay.
The District 4-C4 Installation will take place this Friday, July, 26th. It will be held at the Marriott Hotel San Francisco Airport. $85 per person, Rsvp has been extended to July 23rd. There may still be time to attend; contact Lion Joe Farrah to attend.
For now, Lions Joe Farrah and Sharon Eberhardt will be representing our club.
Lions Football
Lions 49er Football Logo
Our Lions football pool will be kicking off, pun intended, around August 1st. It is unknown if squares will be available at the start.
From the Inbox
If any Lion, or other person, wants to see the emails this info came from, email me and let me know what you’re interested in. They’ll be available for a short time.
From International: The first of many email messages from International President Jung-Yul Choi about serving through diversity. His message is echoed on his theme page on the web.
From our website: A San Francisco resident, living in Dogpatch (bordered by 280, the Bay, Cesar Chavez, and Mariposa), sent us a request to help with glasses. Sent over to the screening committee.
From International: The July/August issue of Lion Magazine is available online.
Lions Youth & Community Raffle logo
Members: Letters have gone out about ticket books, ads, and sponsorships. To date, 10 members have returned responses with good results.
Ads and Sponsorships: No one wants to hear it, but without this important aspect, we won’t have the raffle. If you have questions about this, don’t be afraid to ask.
Youth & Community Raffle Expenses raised to 7/23/19
Group Sales: Renewal letters went out to selling groups on July 11th. Two groups have responded to date. Additional marketing efforts: Emails to 51 4-C4 Club Presidents on July 4th. Of those, 22 were opened, and 10 were bounced (invalid email address.) Interestingly, one email was opened in Italy; wonder who was out of the country. Posts are being made automatically to our Twitter and Facebook feeds every Tuesday through September 4th looking for fundraising groups to partner with. If the post is in your feed, share or retweet it to spread the word.
The Club’s condolences go to Maria Elena Rafinoff on the passing of her husband, Lion Jacob Ratinoff. Lion Jacob came to our club when we merged with the Mission Lions in the late 1990s. Lion Jacob was a regular supporter of our fundraising efforts and his support will be missed.
Photos of the meeting in the last issue were provided by Lion Bob Lawhon. Thanks!
Attendance Raffle & Mystery Lion
Attendance Raffle winner was Lion Ward Donnelly, who received $600 and promptly donated it back to the club. The Mystery Lion was not called on.
Birthdays and Anniversaries
7/28 Happy Birthday to Calista Shea!
8/1 Happy Birthday to Lion Bill Mayta!
8/3 Happy Anniversary to Margot and Lion Handford Clews!
8/7 Happy Birthday to Lion Bob Fenech!
Coming Events
7/26 District 4-C4 Installation of Officers
8/7 Lions Business & Board Meeting
8/21 Regular Lions Meeting
A ton of events around the District are shown in the District 4-C4 Weekly Thread email which is forwarded to all members that want it, and linked under Upcoming Events on the District website. If you don’t have an email address, get one.
Print version of this bulletin is available here and is not designed for mobile devices.
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