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Volume 70, No. 3, August 16, 2019
Meeting Digest 8-7-19
The meeting was called to order by Lion President George Salet. The pledge was led by Lion Viela du Pont and invocation offered by Lion Bob Fenech. Introductions were handled by Lion Tail Twister Bob Fenech. 8 Lions were present.
Not everyone present knew it was Lion Bob Fenech’s 70th birthday, but when they learned they commented: 1. couldn’t believe he came to the meeting on his birthday, and 2. wished him a Happy Birthday!
Although there wasn’t a lot of time to talk during the meeting, topics of conversation during meeting were:
  • Cabs vs. Uber vs. Public Transportation and where urban transportation is going. Where did all these cars come from?
  • The Harvey Milk displays at the airport and how nice they are. Viewing is being restricted by the display being beyond the security screening.
District Governor’s Visitation
Our next meeting, August 21st, will be the Official Visitation of newly installed DG Helen Casaclang. Officers attending will be:
  • District Governor Helen Casaclang
  • 2nd Vice District Governor Dr. Jun Valera
  • Global Service Team GST Chair PDG Macy Mak-Chan
  • Global Service Team Co-Chair Lion Michael Chan
  • Region Chair Eleanor Britter
  • Zone Chair Kalli Azariah
Every member should make an effort to attend to see what is going on in the District and Lions.
Thank you note, for our recent donation, was received from the Lions Eye Foundation.
4-C4 Cabinet Installation
Cabinet installees with International President Dr. Lion Jung-Yul Choi
District 4-C4 Cabinet Installation; International President Dr. Lion Jung-Yul Choi (seated center, black suit) with Lion Zone Chair Sharon Eberhardt (standing, 2nd row, 2nd from right.) Photo by Lion Paul Larson.
Lion Sharon Eberhardt, escorted by Lion Joe Farrah, attended the July 26th District 4-C4 Cabinet Installation, and had a great time. More details may follow.
Lions Football
Lions 49er Football Logo
Our Lions football pool has been kicked off. As of today, August 16th, 49 players have paid including 1 player paying in advance for a spot that may, or may not, be available. Thanks!
From the Inbox
If any Lion, or other person, wants to see the emails this info came from, email me and let me know what you’re interested in. They’ll be available for a short time.
From International: The first of many email messages from International President Jung-Yul Choi about serving through diversity. His message is echoed on his theme page on the web.
K.D. Hammarstedt, wife of past member Lion Bernie Hammarstedt, sent a note saying “Hello Everyone” with her funds for football. “Hey!” back at her.
The Club’s condolences go to Lion Ed and Bobbi Damonte on the loss of their daughter Christina. She passed away on July 22nd after a long bout with cancer. Thanks to Lion Handford for sharing this info.
Lions Youth & Community Raffle logo
Members: To date, 11 of our 21 members have returned responses with good results. Where are all the others?
Ads and Sponsorships: The needle hasn’t moved since the last bulletin. Can’t say more on this, said it all at the meeting, and it may not be good. If you have questions about this, don’t be afraid to ask.
Youth & Community Raffle Expenses raised to 7/23/19
2020 Crab Feed
A lengthly discussion took place around our Crab Feed scheduled for late February 2020. Discussed was:
  • Possible parking problems around our current venue, the Mariposa Hunters Point Yacht Club, due to the opening of the Warriors new sports arena.
  • The idea of partnering with St. Philips Church located at 18th and Diamond Streets and having the Crab Feed there. Lion Bob Lawhon is nailing down details and further discussion with them.
2020 Lions Crab Feed Logo
Board Meeting
Board actions and reports:
  • Minutes of the previous Board meeting were approved as read.
  • The Treasurer’s report was approved after his reading “just the highlights.”
  • Attendance for July was 50%.
  • Lion Joe Farrah reported on having attended the District 4-C4 Cabinet Installation and The Bay Area Special Olympics Lions Club installation. He provided programs from each.
  • The Screening Committee reported on the receipt of a request for help with obtaining glasses. The request came in via our website. After a long discussion, Lion President George Salet said he’d follow through on the request.
  • Paid the single bill for Club stationery.
Attendance Raffle & Mystery Lion
Attendance Raffle winner was Lion Lyle Workman, who received $200 and promptly donated it back to the club. The last known Mystery Lion, found through exhaustive research, was Lion Ward Donnelly at the July 3rd meeting. He’ll pick it up from here.
Birthdays and Anniversaries
8/30 Happy Birthday to Marylin Squeri!
9/1 Happy Birthday to Rosalinda Corvi!
9/2 Happy Birthday to Diane Johnson!
9/11 Happy Birthday to Al Fregosi!
Coming Events
8/21 Regular Lions Meeting and DG Visitation
8/24 1st Cabinet Meeting, Mission Blue Center, Brisbane
9/4 Lions Business & Board Meeting
A ton of events around the District are shown in the District 4-C4 Weekly Thread email which is forwarded to all members that want it, and linked under Upcoming Events on the District website. If you don’t have an email address, get one.
Print version of this bulletin is available here and is not designed for mobile devices.
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