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Volume 70, No. 5, September 11, 2019
Meeting Digest 9-4-19
The meeting was called to order by Lion President George Salet. The pledge was led by Lion Ward Donnelly and the invocation offered by Lion Zenaida Lawhon. Introductions were handled by Lion Tail Twister Bob Fenech. 8 members were present.
Lions Football
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Games have begun; winners on 9/8 were: Dean Smith; George Salet & Lyle Workman; Leila Roussel, Judy Pokorny, and Steve Agosta. 95 more winners to come.
All but two players have sent funds and they’re being chased down. All is good!
Services - Eye Glasses
Lion President George Salet has been working in the background on lining up services for eye glasses. His findings:
  • No answer at the City offices.
  • The optometrist who is now in what used to be Lion Ray Squeri’s office has offered to help us. The eye exams would be $160 (?) and the glasses around $60.
  • Lion Regional Chair Eleanor Britter has certificates to Zeny Eyewear - more info to come.
Lions Youth & Community Raffle logo
Tickets: The raffle tickets have been ordered and will be here in a couple of weeks. Groups will be the first focus with 1671 books reserved by 15 groups. We’re in a holding pattern for now.
Cabinet meeting: The raffle was to be talked about at the just-past Cabinet Meeting but there was some mix up with the flyers so it did not happen.
Ads and Sponsorships: Since the last report, the needle has moved up on our fund raising efforts. Don’t stop trying!
Youth & Community Raffle Expenses raised to 7/23/19
2020 Crab Feed
2020 Lions Crab Feed Logo
The discussion on the February 2020 Crab Feed continues. Lion Bob Fenech has broken the feed into two parts with Lion Bob Lawhon handling some of it. Lion Bob Fenech comments:
  • Break feed into 2 parts; he will handle food, beverages, and setup.
  • Would like 200 guests; believes there is plenty of parking, and may suggest a parking attendant.
  • Is still unsure of St. Phillip’s price and how much they want to participate.
Lion Bob Lawhon:
  • Believes price will be $400 for hall.
  • For the church, they may want a comp on part of the dinner cost, or a commission.
  • Believes a setup man will be necessary.
  • Thinks cost should be the same as last year, $65.00 per person, and suggests February 29th as the date.
MEC Thanksgiving & Christmas
Lion Bob Lawhon has started a conversation with Principal Carla Vasquez at Mission Education Center about the Thanksgiving Luncheon and Visit with Santa handled by the SFPD and Los Bombaros. Tentative date for the Thanksgiving Luncheon is November 21, and the date for the Visit with Santa is December 13. The topic will be discussed at future meetings.
Board Meeting
The quick rundown:
  • The minutes of the previous Board Meeting were approved as read.
  • The treasurer’s report was approved as emailed after “just the highlights” were read.
  • Attendance for August was 56%.
  • After a lengthy discussion, the Board approved continuing the Youth & Community Raffle even though fund raising for expenses has not raised all the funds necessary.
  • It was noted that Lion Emily Powell Palmer prefers to known simply as Emily Powell.
From the Inbox
If any Lion, or other person, wants to see the emails this info came from, email me and let me know what you’re interested in. They’ll be available for a short time.
From LCIF Campaign 100: Effective July 2019, the Model Club per member average has been reduced from $750 to $500. This means more clubs can confidently commit to becoming Campaign 100: LCIF Empowering Service Model Clubs, ultimately empowering service to your community and Lions’ efforts globally to help those who need us most. That’s $500 per member or a $10,500 donation for us.
From Peninsula Special Interest Lions Club: They are holding the 2019 Foster City Veterans Stand Down on October 3-5 at Booth Bay Park, Foster City. For those not familiar, a Stand Down is a gathering of mostly homeless veterans where services are provided and help given to them. It is a huge undertaking. They’re looking for volunteers and donations to offset costs.
From LCIF: They are looking for help and donations for the survivors of Hurricane Dorian which devastated the Bahamas very recently.
From LCI: Reminding us that World Diabetes Day is only a short time away - November 19th. They’ve partnered with the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) and are challenging Lions and clubs to help one million people get screened. More details are available online.
From District 4-C4: A request to help a child get new glasses, from a Protective Services worker in San Francisco. This just came in this morning - Lion President George Salet has picked it up and is getting more info.
9-11 Memorial, New York
It was reported that Lion Handford Clews took a tumble but is OK. More details may follow. We hope all is well!
“Leading by example” quote proclaimed by Lion Sharon Eberhardt. The context is unclear.
Lion Sharon Eberhardt reported on the Cabinet Meeting which just took place: The event was in a much different format than last year; there was a 45 minute to 1 hour video shown; the extra long meeting did not adjourn until 3:00 PM.
Lion Al Gentile mentioned he has not been receiving the LION Magazine; the LCI website was checked and they had the wrong apartment number; a correction was sent via email.
Attendance Raffle & Mystery Lion
Attendance Raffle non-winner winner was Lion Bill Mayta who missed out on a bunch of $$. Lion Sharon Eberhardt was the Mystery Lion, and had no victims.
Birthdays and Anniversaries
9/20 Happy Birthday to Millie Gaw (Braun)!
10/1 Happy Anniversary to Kathy and Lion George Salet!
Coming Events
9/18 Regular Lions Meeting
10/2 Lions Business & Board Meeting
A ton of events around the District are shown in the District 4-C4 Weekly Thread email which is forwarded to all members that want it, and linked under Upcoming Events on the District website. If you don’t have an email address, get one.
Print version of this bulletin is available here and is not designed for mobile devices.
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