Youth & Community Activities Raffle

2019-20 Y & C Raffle

Our 2019-20 Youth & Community Raffle is just gearing up. The drawing will be held on Wednesday, April 15, 2020 at our regular club meeting. Tickets are planned to be available the first week of September 2019.

We thank all those who have helped make last year’s raffle a success!

Community Group, School, and Church Fundraising

This raffle is not only supported by our members, but also provides a vehicle for community groups, schools, and churches to raise funds as well. Community groups, schools, and churches are able to participate in the raffle with no setup charges. They receive back 70% of their ticket sales.

If you’re interested in participating, please click the button below and send us an email. The chairman will get back to you with the details and if tickets will be available. Review our Fundraising Partnership Flyer.

Advertising & Sponsorships

In order for us to have the raffle, we must adhere to the raffle rules of the State of California. The rules restrict us to only using 10% of ticket sales for expenses and prizes.

To cover the expenses and prizes for the raffle, we’re selling advertising and finding sponsors to help defray the cost of the raffle.

Although all the advertising spots on the tickets and ticket books are sold, we've actively looking for additional prize sponsors. Advertisers and sponsors are noted on flyers, our website, and all materials. If interested, click the button below to let us know.

Please note our advertisers and sponsors below and support them if possible.

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2018-19 Advertisers & Sponsors

2018-19 Prize Sponsors

1st Prize: $1,000


2nd Prize: $500

Lion Sharon Eberhardt

3rd Prize: $400


4th Prize: $300


5th thru 13th Prizes: $100

Lion Jacob Ratinoff
Lion Handford Clews
Barbary Coast Investigations
Barbary Coast Investigations

5th thru 14th Prizes: $100

Lion Jacob Ratinoff
Lion Handford Clews
Barbary Coast Investigations
Barbary Coast Investigations

14th Prize: $100


15th thru 20th Prizes: $50

Fiscal Year Donation Reports

We’re very proud of our fundraising and giving; for a small Lions Club, we make every effort to maximize our impact on local youth and our community.

2018-2019: $20,428.50 View report

2017-2018: $23,900.00 View report
2016-2017: $19,060.31 View report
2015-2016: $20,218.83 View report
2014-2015: $15,092.50 View report

2013-2014: $15,065.08 View report
2012-2013: $18,256.59 View report
2011-2012: $35,327.86 View report
2010-2011: $28,941.27 View report